Perch turns your current or extra smartphone into a live dashcam anyone can view.

Perch lenses can be both stationary or mobile. Broadcasts may be made from the window of your home or office and while on-the-go from the dash of your vehicle.

You can view the history from any "lens," create clips of special moments you witness and then share those clips as stand-alone videos.

Why do people broadcast?

Perch is fun to share your unique view of the world. Broadcasting using a Perch Lens reveals what it is like to be human, both the ordinary and extraordinary.

Why are people watching?

People enjoy watching reality of other places and things. Perch allows people to interact through comments and clip creation, finding the most interesting moments that others might miss out on.

I want to broadcast, what is the typical setup?

Update: We've assembled an Amazon list of relatively cheap broadcast accessories we've tested that make it easier to Broadcast on Perch.

  • Internet connection - Wi-Fi is always preferrable but LTE (4G cellular data) also works well. We recommend you monitor your LTE data usage to ensure you stay within your monthly limit.
  • Device Mount - A solid smartphone mount (something that holds it in place) will make it way easier to set up your lens. Suction cup window mounts and clamping "goosneck" mounts work well compared to leaning your phone against a window.
  • Power - Keep your device plugged in to the wall or a car power adapter or external battery while broadcasting. Capturing video with lots of motion, (such as a bicycle or car dashcam), requires more battery than slow moving scenes.
  • Shade - Depending on your climate and sunlight, you may need to shade your device from the sun to keep it from overheating. This can typically be accomplished with a small piece of cardboard.

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